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About a month ago I was approached by Katlyn from The Dreamy Meadow to take part in the Blog Angels project that she was going to host with Craftbotic.  Of course I loved the idea and decided to participate.
The whole concept is quite cute.  Basically you can do anything to brighten someone’s day.  It could be leave a comment or 10! haha Mention them on Facebook or even Tweet about them.  You can give them free ad space for the month… how about letting them Guest Post on your blog?! You are there to help them out anyway you want.
I’ve always liked to help people so I was completely sold on the concept.  However for me, it’s something that comes naturally… I’ve always LOVED helping others.  It really wasn’t a very hard thing for me to do. 
Who doesn’t like the feeling of helping someone?  I’ve helped out a few people and some even wrote blog posts thanking me.  I got an email a few weeks ago telling to go read a blog post.  When I headed over there, there was a sweet post thanking me for helping out.  I was SOOOOO touched.  It felt great.
I think in general people in the blog world are very caring.  We all started from nothing and with the help of others we grew.  For example, my Wednesday linky parties ”From Dream To Reality”, would not be successful without the participation of other bloggers.
Are your participating in the Blog Angels project?
Do you ”watch” over certain blogs to help them out?
Have a GREAT day!
P.S.  I’m linking this up over at the Blog Angels Half Way Link Up!

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