Cord and Button Bracelet!!!

Last week I shared a tutorial on how to make a Cord and Button Bracelet over at Craftionary.  I LOVED that project so much that I thought I would share it here too.

Step 1: Take out some braiding cord and some buttons. Step 2: Cut two pieces of cord.  Both my pieces were 11”. It’s better to have long pieces, you can cut them down to the perfect size after. Step 3: Thread your button and make sure your loop is at the bottom of the button. Step 4: Pull out your loop a little to be able to insert your cord through it. Step 5:  Pull tightly. Step 6: Repeat Steps 3 -5 on the other side of the button.

Step 7:  Make a knot at both ends. Step 8: Cross both your ends (making it look like a bracelet) into a circle. Step 9: Cut a piece of cord about 10” and attach it to both cords by doing a knot. Step 10: Do about 10 Square Knots.  It’s easier to see how to make square knots through a video rather than through photos.  You can see how to make Square Knots via this YouTube video. When you have made 10 or so square knots, you can make a final knot and cut the extra cord.

So what do you think?  They are actually quite fast to make, once you know how to make square knots.  Obviously there are other ways of making the bracelet adjustable, however I like the look of the square knots.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!  
Have a FABULOUS day!
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