Custom Tray!!!

As some of you know I’m working on Emanuelle bedroom.  It’s slowly coming together…  After over a year of having her mattress on the floor.. we have FINALLY put it on a bed frame…  SĂ©bastien’s parents’ had a metal frame they weren’t using… so we brought it home.. painted it white and put Emanuelle’s mattress on it… She’s SOOOOO Happy…  It’s not finished though.. we are working on a headboard.  I did a post on headboard inspirations back in January.  We are pretty certain of what we are going to do.. I will share it all with you as soon as it’s put together.
Anywho.. back to topic…  
Since we are working on her room.. I’m also creating little things to decorate her room.
Here’s a tray I made for her.  
It will be placed on her desk.. where someday (when she’s older) she’ll be able to store her makeup on.
You may recognize the tray… it was the unfinished tray I was using for my makeup…
Yep, that’s how I store my makeup.. and I LOVE IT!!!  
You can check out the post here.
Here’s how I made the tray:
– Wooden Tray
– Self Adhesive Laminate
– Acrylic Paint
– All Purpose Sealer
– Aerosol Varnish
– Paint Brush
– Scissors

Step 1:
Take out all your supplies.

Step 2:
Put some of your paint in a plate and mix in a little bit of the all purpose sealer.  Paint your tray with two coats of paint.

Step 3:
Once the tray is dry, bring it outside and put a coat of clear varnish (aerosol varnish).
Step 4:
Take out the self-adhesive laminate and cut it the size of the inside of your tray.

Step 5:
BEFORE applying the laminate…. PAINT THE INSIDE OF THE TRAY!!! 
I did not do this and look what happened:
So.. take a few minutes (don’t be lazy like me) and paint the inside of your tray.  I painted mine white because the majority of the laminate is white.
Step 6:
Apply the laminate to your tray. 
I pulled back the backing as I went along.. it’s easier to apply that way.
Step 7:
VoilĂ !!  Your tray is finished!!
Have a GREAT day!!
P.S.  I’ll be linking to these Parties.

Oh and don’t forget to link up your creations at From Dream To Reality!

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