Customize your Favicon!!!

You might be wondering what a Favicon is.  A Favicon is the tiny image that is displayed in your browser window (or tab) right next to the website you are visiting.  The most common Favicon image in Blog Land is the famous Blogger Favicon.

Wouldn’t it be great to change the Blogger Favicon to something that represents you??  Well you can!!  Look at the Favicon that is displayed next to my URL… it’s my very own Favicon!!

You can make your very own Favicon by visiting  You’ll have to create an account (which is FREE) to be able to save what you create.  You can draw what you like or you can upload your own image.  
I already had a square logo, so I only had to upload it. 
I uploaded this (by clicking on Import Image):
 Once uploaded this is what it looked like:
Looks funny doesn’t it??  However, shows you a preview of your Favicon in the preview section.  So don’t worry once it’s in the browser’s address bar it will look normal 🙂
When you are done and you like your Favicon, click Download Favicon (you’ll find it in the Preview Section) and save it on your computer.
Go to your Blogger Dashboard and click on Layout.  Once you are in the Layout, you’ll see Favicon Edit in the top left corner.
Click on Edit
The Configure Favicon box will appear.  Click on Browse and locate your Favicon file (*.ico).  Click Save.
You now have your very own Favicon!!!  YAY!!!  
If your Favicon doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry it takes around 24-48 hours to update your new Favicon, however if you clear your Internet cache you should see it quickly.
Let me know if you create your own Favicon!!  I would LOVE to see it!!
Have a great day!!!
P.S.  I’ll be linking at these Parties.

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