Drink Charms!!!

Look at these little Drink Charms I made:
(aka Wine Glass Charms)

Last Christmas I found some cute little Drink Charms at the dollar store… however they are only good during Christmas time:

So I decided to take them apart and make some that are good year round.

Step #1I took out the Christmas charms and a pair of round nose pliers.   Step #2I straightened one end of the wire using the pliers.   Step #3: I took off all the beads and the charm.   Step #4I used the pliers to undo the charm’s jump-ring.
Step #5I took out some cute little colorful buttons.   Step #6I inserted the jump-ring inside the one of the buttons.   Step #7: With the use of the pliers I closed the jump-ring.   Step #8I inserted the charm in the wire.   Step #9:  I used the pliers to curb the wire. Step #10:  I looped both ends of the wire.. and VOILĂ€!

Of course, if you don’t have any drink charms on hand.. you can always make some with the use of some thick wire and some jump-rings.  I used 20 gauge wire.

Step #1Cut a piece of wire.   Step #2 Insert a jump-ring inside one of the buttons.    Step #3Insert the charm in the wire.   Step #4:  Use a pair of pliers to curb the wire. Step #10:  Loop both ends of the wire.. and VOILĂ€!

So what do you think?

Don’t you think these Drink Charms (aka Wine Glass Charms) would make a great little gift or even a cute wedding favor?

Have a FABULOUS day!!

P.S.  I’ll be linking this project to these Parties.

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