Easter Egg Wrappers!!!

I started making Easter Egg Wrappers a few years ago.
I love making them because they are easy to make, 
fun to decorate and you can put all sorts of eggs in them.
I often will put plastic eggs in them because you can hide stuff inside, 
like chocolate eggs.
– Scrapbook paper
– Embellishments
– Scissors
– Pencil
– Glue or stapler
– Hot glue gun

Step 1:
Make yourself a wrapper template.

Step 2:
Cut it out, trace it unto your scrapbook paper and cut the scrapbook paper.


Step 3:
Wrap your wrapper into the desired size and staple it into place.  
(You can use glue if you prefer, however I like the look of the staples PLUS it’s stays put right away.)
Step 4:
Take out your embellishments and glue them onto your wrapper with your glue gun.
(Make sure your embellishments are not too heavy or your wrapper will tip over all the time.)
Step 5:
Place your eggs inside your wrappers and you’re done!
Pretty cute and easy right? 
BTW, look at these cute little guys I found at the Dollar Store:
 I find them so cute!! 🙂
Have a FANTASTIC day!!
P.S. I’ll be linking to these Parties.

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