Family Fun!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend.  We have two major fun things we are going to do with the kids.

Tomorrow night we are going to do some camping in the backyard with the girls.  We have never been ”camping” at home before.  We are going to surprise the girls.  I can’t wait to see how excited they will be.  We will set up the tent together and sit by the fire with some yummy marshmallows.  It’s going to be FUN!!  Have you ever done some backyard camping before?

Sunday is going to be a big family day.  The town where I grew up is having their annual picnic to celebrate CANADA DAY!!  It just happens to be the 45th picnic!!  The whole day is packed with FUN!!  There’s a bike rally and lots of games and races.  The games and races are for all ages too… it’s really great.  After the races we buy BBQ chicken that the local firemen sell.  It’s always DELICIOUS!!  We head over to my parents’ house to go swimming and we all eat our BBQ chicken meal together.  PLUS at the end of the evening there’s FIREWORKS!!  Isn’t that cool?!  I’m thinking that perhaps after we could sleep in the tent again… but we’ll see how the day goes.

Oh… before I forget… today is the last day to enter the June Sponsors Group Giveaway.. so make sure to enter!

Make sure to swing by on Sunday.. I’ll be hosting a CANADA DAY Giveaway!!!  Yay!!  And guess what… you don’t have to be Canadian to enter (it’s worldwide)!!  Yay!!

Do you have anything planned for this weekend?  I hope that whatever you do… is filled with LOTS OF FUN!!!!

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