Feature Post & Giveaway – Fawn & Flora

Great ideas happen when you least expect them.

Such was the case when Heather, a creator of lovely feminine accessories & full time blogger and Dana, a plush-making designer/artist were introduced through the idea machine known as the internet. 

The girls shared the same love for crafty projects and pretty things, and had the business sense to boot! One day, while working in their separate studios in separate countries, they had a sudden urge to join forces to see if they could take the handmade shop world by storm. 

Their idea was simple. A pretty shop that carried supplies and items to help other small businesses and DIYers add a touch of whimsy to their work. 

The ideas kept flowing and Fawn & Flora was born.  Though the girls are located in different countries, their eye for product and design is an unmistakable perfect match.

The name Fawn & Flora symbolizes aspects of the girls others projects.  Dana mostly creates plush forest animals under the name Wonder Forest (she is fawn) while Heather is the designer of Just Lovely Things and floral hair accessories among other things (she is flora).

Today the ladies from Fawn & Flora want to offer up a little bag of surprise goodies.  Its mandatory to leave a comment below telling them what kind of bag you would want:
  • supplies
  • vintage
  • party
  • stationary
  • surprise me!

Now come on and enter 🙂


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