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Sooooo EXCITED to introduce to you Maria-Isabel from Mommy Made.  I met Maria-Isabel through her other blog Agape Love Designs (which you should totally check out.. PLUS her shop is closing for the summer so there’s a 60% sale going on).  Marie-Isabel is a FABULOUS Mommy with a FANTASTIC taste of style.. oh and you should SOOO check out her makeup, she’s got such a talent!!


Hello DIY Dreamer Readers!! I am Maria-Isabel, and I blog over at Mommy Made

You may also recognize me from my more well know blog Agape Love Designs.  

Mommy Made is sort of like my online journal to my kids. Its a place to keep special letters to my kids, a place to write my advice, and share the fun kids crafts, and activities we do as well as the great memories we make! A place to inspire and be inspired as a parent. And something to have my kids look back on, to show them their childhood in a whole new way! If you’re at all curious about me, well let me tell you….
I am the mommy who isnt afraid to say sorry.
I am the mommy who has had a big change of heart.
I am the mommy who loves to throw big fun parties.
I am the mommy who sometimes feels like a failure.
I am the mommy who gets snap happy.
I am the mommy who torn over wanting time to speed up and slow down.
I am the mommy who makes fun and easy food!
I am the mommy who likes to refashion plain t-shirts, here, and here.
I am the mommy who loves doing kids crafts.
I am the mommy who wants to remember and appreciate all the Mommy Joys!
I am the mommy who wants to never forget the all little things.
I am the mommy who likes to interview her kids.
I am the mommy who likes to make silly faces.
I am the mommy who loves summer time.
I am the mommy whose baby girl is growing up!
And I am the mommy who would LOVE for YOU to come by and visit me and my family anytime! I love to see new faces and meet new people through this wonderful world called blogland!
Thanks so much Christine for allowing me to take over your blog today!! 🙂


Thanks Marie-Isabel for stopping by The DIY Dreamer today, you are welcome over ANYTIME!

Have a great day my lovelies,

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