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Hi Everyone!!  
Today we have a Guest here at The D.I.Y. Dreamer!!
It’s Christy from Whimsical Whimsies!!!
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Happy Reading! 🙂

Introducing….the Greatest DIY Project EVER!
We are all about DIY around here, aren’t we?! There is nothing like getting your hands on something and transforming it to be the amazing vision you’ve cooked up and worked toward. I don’t know about you, but after I’ve done something absolutely fabulous, I love to take pictures, tell everyone, and stand back and admire…and admire…and make other people admire (and obviously tell all of you fine people who grace Whimsical Whimsies with your presence).
 Oh no! Is that a picture of my laundry room remodel? How’d that get in there?
 We are so super busy. 
There are appointments, errands, work, taking kids here and there, and still trying to DIY ‘til our hearts are content. 
At times I feel like I’m just rushing all the time!
Sometimes I just like to pause.
 Just a little while ago, Scott (my super helpful and DIY handy hubby) and I were talking about our girls as we almost always are. We have three sweet little ladies, ages 5, 3, and 19 months. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all that happens around us in our days—during the squealing, fighting, running, playing and being the referee, coach, teacher, and of course mama through it all. I have been working really hard to take a step back every time an issue arises to make it a teaching moment in a gentle way. It can be so easy just to bellow out a warning or send someone to a timeout, but no one is learning anything there. In our conversation, Scott and I were talking about how important each little moment is. The big picture is great, but every little moment leading up to it is so very important. And if we treat every moment of their childhood as if it were the most important moment of their lives, that big picture will be beautiful.

This morning we shared some special moments together while playing in our garden. 
We weeded. 
We played follow the leader. 
We hugged. 
We talked. 
They made me a birthday cake out of sand.
(No, it’s not my birthday today. They just like to make me feel special). 
We laughed. 
We danced. 
We sang. 
They picked marigolds and chives for me and I made necklaces for them out of their gifts to me. 
We dug in the earth. 
We enjoyed every moment. 

Whether or not you have children, I’m sure each person reading has someone very special in their life. And that special person has many people influencing their life. I just wanted to use my moment on DIY Dreamer to encourage each beautiful reader to take every moment with those special people in your life and make them count! Our kids have so many people influencing them these days. It’s my goal to make each of my moments of influence with them the best moments I can. 

So, when I’m cooking……………….they can help me add ingredients and stir. 
  When I’m gardening…………………they can help me water. 
When I’m sewing…………………..…they can climb on my lap and help guide the fabric. 
When I’m doing laundry…………..they can help put it away.
In whatever task I’m doing, it’s my privilege to include my girls every step of the way. Does it take longer? Of course! But each moment is a beautiful learning experience for each of us. Just one more thing to DIY! And might I say, the results of this project will be our finest yet!


Thank you Christy for such an eye opening post.
You’re right.. sometimes we get so wrapped up in things that we forget the most important things in our lives.

Thank you for sharing this with us!!

Have a great day everyone!!
Don’t forget to spend LOTS of quality time with your family!!

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