Macaw Birthday!!!

Gabrielle did a school project on Macaws this year and instantly fell in love with them. So much, that we decided we would do our best to try and make her Macaw birthday theme.

Macaw Theme is not at all an easy theme, of course Disney’s Rio is out there… but not at all what we were looking for.  However, with Luau’s being quite popular.. we were able to find a few ”Macaw” accessories and luckily my friend Jen is quite talented with cakes.  I figured, as long as we have a cake with a Macaw on it.. Gabrielle should be quite happy.

Gabrielle has been so ”EXCITED” about her birthday coming up.  She has a calendar in her room and she’s been counting down.  Everyday she would ask ”What is my birthday theme?”.. we wouldn’t tell her, we wanted it to be a surprise.

Here’s Gabrielle arriving at her birthday party:

Gabrielle with her Macaw cake:

Gabrielle about to munch-up the Macaw:

Emanuelle stayed up until 10:00pm the night before helping me decorate.  She’s the best helper ever!  Here’s Little Miss Ema helping me out with the decorations:

Gabrielle LOVED her theme, decorations and cake!  YAY!!!!  : )

If you look closely at the decorations you’ll noticed that I used my Puzzleboard to Chalkboard to create the Happy Birthday Sign. And if you look ”not so closely” (haha) you’ll see my Giant Birthday Candles.

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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